“Look Who’s Happy” Brand

Look Who’s Happy on Elbow Cay
Friends of Abaco Animals
On the Abaco islands, it’s important to remember that it’s not just humans that make up our community, our furry friends are also part of our family! Whether it’s a cat, a dog, or something a bit more exotic, animals are a big part of everyone’s life and it’s important that we take care of them. Friends of Abaco Animals is a great organization that has been advocating for the animals of our community for over thirty-five years. Candace Key, the founder of Friends of Abaco Animals, and the committee have been helping find animals new and loving homes, creating an effective spaying and neutering program for their pets to control the population on the islands. Friends of Abaco Animals annual rummage sale scheduled for February 2018 is one of the year’s best fund-raising event, throughout the year there are many activities that benefit the Abaco Animals. www.friendsofabacoanimals.com

Another brand that advocates for animals has recently made its way to Elbow Cay. Look Who’s Happy! Dog Treats (www.lookwhoshappy.com), a company co-founded by Jeff and Tommy Gay, is a dog treat company that is “serious about keeping pets happy and healthy.” Using their years of experience in the animal nutrition industry, they took it upon themselves to create a better alternative dog treat that is not only FDA compliant, but also makes your pets happy. Their treats have recently become available for purchase at the Abaco Inn, Elbow Cay but the benefit to the animals of Abaco doesn’t stop there. For every purchase made of Look Who’s Happy dog treats at the Abaco Inn, $5 will go right to the Friends of Abaco Animals. So next time you are looking for a tasty treat for your pet, go to the Abaco Inn and ask for Look Who’s Happy Treats, with one purchase you will be doing good for not just your pet, but will be helping benefit Friends of Abaco Animals!