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Unforgettable Activities

If a unique island adventure is what you have in mind, then we have plenty of activities to offer you! Other than exploring Elbow Cay by golf cart or boat, we have all of the following activities readily available. 


Take a dip in Abaco Inn’s swimming pool or lounge around in the sun with the crashing waves at your feet. The especially adventurous spirits can even try out their surfing skills on the ocean waves! 


The Abacos are known for fabulous deep-sea and bone fishing. The island is home to many a captain happy to take our guests out on half- or full-day excursions. To make the most of your successful fishing trip, the Abaco Inn offers our Fisherman’s Catch - a service which allows you to enjoy a dinner of your own catch prepared for you and your travel companions by our chef! We recommend you book your fishing excursion in advance during our busy season.


Sailing on the Sea of Abaco is very popular. The calm but steady winds allow for all levels of sailors to have a great sailing experience. And our guests are fortunate; the area directly in front of Abaco Inn, White Sound, is the perfect starting place for any sailing adventure!


Our island offers seven miles of beautiful coastline to explore. Enjoy the two-mile bike ride into town as you leisurely take in the sights of the island. You can rent your bikes at Hope Town Canvas 242-577-1615.

Paddle Boarding

The Sea of Abaco offers an ideal spot for paddle boarding and provides a great view of the island from the water. The sea is smooth and clear, making it easy to spot conchs, starfish and other local marine life! To rent paddleboards, call Jack 242-475-5800.

Diving/Snorkeling Tours 

No island trip would be complete without taking in a little sightseeing...underwater. Ask any of our friendly staff to help arrange an underwater adventure through the local dive shops.

Island Hopping /Boating

Not only do boats make for great transportation around the island, but your boat deck also provides fantastic snorkeling, fishing and swimming opportunities! Visit other islands or picnic on a beautiful deserted beach. Plenty of boat rentals are available in various sizes to accommodate your needs. The Sea of Abaco is a wonderful, safe place to learn more about boating. Oh, and did we mention it’s breathtaking, too?


The Sea of Abaco is an ideal spot for kayaking and provides a great view of the island from the water. The sea is smooth and clear, so it's easy to spot conch, starfish and other marine life! Explore nearby islands or grab a beer at Cracker P’s. To rent kayaks, call Jack 242-475-5800.


Our waters offer one of the best breaks in all of Abaco. Surf competitions are held regularly in front of the Abaco Inn, and other great breaks are within walking distance. To rent surfboards, call Jack 242-475-5800.


The Abaco Inn Gift Shop has everything you need to enjoy a playful and carefree vacation. Also, there are a number of shops to choose from on Elbow Cay and Hope Town. Each shop has its island character and unique selection to choose from.

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